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Buyer's Agents – The Uber Eats of the Australian property industry

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Buyer’s agents have been operating in Australia for over 30 years yet there is still a lot of confusion about what they really do. In Australia, buyer’s agents go by many names such as property advocates, property advisors, property consultants and buyer's advocates, to name a few.

In technical terms, a buyer’s agent is someone who has a fiduciary duty to act on behalf of a client that has an interest in purchasing a property or properties. Don’t get too caught up on the fiduciary bit; in simple terms, buyer’s agents are professionals you can trust with all of your property purchasing needs.

A buyer’s agent’s job is to make your property purchasing journey as easy and convenient as possible, just like Uber Eats does in the food world.

You know how Uber Eats makes ordering different types of food really easy by categorising them into different categories and deals? A buyer’s agent makes your life easy by presenting property insights and options backed by market research and categorised into pre-market, off-market and on-market deals.

Uber Eats is very successful because it’s convenient, delivering food straight to your door. Likewise, a buyer's agent does all the research for you and even attends all property inspections and negotiates the price on your behalf.

A buyer’s agent can even save you money and provide special deals, just like Uber eats, and that’s where the real value lies. Buyer’s agents are your personal property experts that can provide value in so many ways. For example, an untrained eye may fall in love with a property and negotiate a price blindly whereas a buyer’s agent may pick up on aspects of the property you were unaware of. For example, they can determine if the building has structural issues or if it’s in a bush fire zone or flood plain and then further negotiate the price on your behalf.

Buyer’s agents are the Uber Eats of the property game, providing unrivalled service and convenience where the client has the control and insights they need to make a well-informed decision.

Written by Onis Asare

Buyer's Agent | Window Property Group

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