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Onis Asare


Buyer's Agent

Phone: 0422 178 332

Window Property Group founded by Onis Asare aims to provide value to clients that are experiencing no luck sourcing property. At Window Property Group we define luck as hard work meeting preparation and not wishful thinking, we exhaust all avenues to ensure that our clients are getting properties that meet their brief whether it be for investments or your primary residence. Using various innovative data resources and having access to an expansive network of property professionals to make your dreams become a reality. 

Onis Asare is an engineer by profession having begun his own property journey he sought to help those achieve their dream of becoming a homeowner and landlord. His experience in the construction industry as a project manager allows Window Property Group to have unique leverage when it comes to negotiating and sourcing rare property deals. 

"We started this business because we saw a gap in the market whereby vendor was always represented by a real estate agent but there were no professionals representing the buyer which often meant that they weren't getting the full scope of what they were purchasing, how do they know they are getting the best deal, what's recently sold in the past 12 months, comparative market analysis and due diligence, who does this for the buyer, who acts in their best interest?" - Onis Asare

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Daniel Peachey


Buyer's Agent

Phone: 0420 402 031
Meet the Director - Daniel.png

Daniel has over 13 years in finance and property experience, being able to understand the finance market Daniel can assist with understanding the needs involved when purchasing and making the process as smooth and simple as possible.


Daniel has never come from a background of money, not having a family history in wealth Daniel knew he had to create his own. Daniel currently is a property owner and an avid investor himself. From purchasing his first property at a young age to achieving a multimillion-dollar property portfolio by 30. He now uses his strategies and draws upon his own hard-earned experiences when advising his clients to assist in creating wealth through property.


Daniel has owned and operated successful businesses over his career, which has given him the skills and fundamentals to be a successful negotiator, problem solver and to always go above and beyond for his clients.


His goal is to make the process as simple and easy as possible and to ensure the property is best suited to his client’s goals and needs. Daniel will work persistently until he secures his clients their ideal property, no matter how difficult the challenge.


Daniel has an obvious passion for property, and ensuring his clients buy well and get the best result possible.


One small step now is a giant leap forward to becoming financially free.


Contact Daniel today to find out more!

Nickolas Peachey

Client Success Manager

Phone: 0439 319 796

Nickolas has quickly climbed the ladder here at Window Property Group. He is our client success manager and ensures all clients are satisfied with their services at WPG. Any complications and Nick is your man to speak to. His communication skills are spectacular making sure you’re truly satisfied and all issues are resolved properly. Despite Nicks young age, he is knowledgeable in the property industry and mature for his age. He has recently completed his traineeship in business and is now pursuing his career in property.


Nickolas’ background has been very challenging for him as he suffers from a genetic condition called Charcot-Marie Tooth. This affects Nicks nervous and muscular system. This has led him to rely on a wheelchair since the age of 13 for mobility, 8 operations and continuing for this complex journey. Nick's future is less predictable compared to most as his condition is progressing. Nick aims to retire early with a multi-millionaire portfolio by age 40 and enjoy what he has when he has it. He’s doing all this from his own bedroom.


Corinne Guiffre

Business Development Manager

Phone: 0478 139 509

Corinne is a highly motivated and experienced professional with a passion for helping people achieve their dreams. She has an impressive and diverse background, having worked in a range of roles including hairdressing, event bartending, sales administration, and management across various industries. After taking maternity leave, Corinne began to explore career options that would allow her to balance being a mother while still making a difference in people's lives. She soon discovered her passion for real estate and helping people create long-term wealth that provides them with more freedom for their families.

Corinne has since joined Window Property Group as our Business Development Manager, where she is committed to helping clients explore all their options when it comes to finding the perfect property. She is a firm believer that everyone deserves the freedom of choice and the ability to prioritize what is important to them while still having a fulfilling career and helping others. Corinne has since dedicated her life to making people's lives happier, more meaningful, and more joyful.

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