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Is this you?


Combining the demands of my life and my home search is draining.

Aside having no knowledge about the Australian property market, I'm confused at where to start.

I want to get the best deal and have a seamless process.


A confused man with hand on lips seeking help from Window Property Group | Buyer's Agency

First Time Buyer?

Finding your first home can be stressful and time-consuming, especially on a tight budget, but working with our agents can expedite the process and alleviate much of the hassle, including negotiations for the best deal.


Moving can be stressful, but our experienced agents will handle the work for you, making it easier and saving you time and money.

Frustrated Buyer?

Don't miss out on your dream house or investment again; let us help you find and secure it with the best deal possible.


Let us handle the search for your dream house or investment, saving you time and effort by doing all the hard work from start to finish.

Upsizer or Downsizer?

We can help you find the perfect home, whether it's a luxurious mansion or an affordable modern family house, by offering access to off-market, pre-market, and post-market properties.


Working with us grants you access to exclusive, unlisted properties and expert agents who will help you find and negotiate profitable long-term investments.

Work with us

Happy couple stand by a "SOLD" sign, celebrating successful property purchase with Window Property Group buyer’s agent Daniel Peachey.

Licensed Experts with in-depth

knowledge of the market

Happy man stand by a "SOLD" sign, celebrating his successful property purchase with Window Property Group buyer’s agent Daniel Peachey.

In for the entire journey

not just the moment

Happy man shake hands with Window Property Group buyer’s agent Onis Asare after successful home purchase.

Protecters of your hard

earned investments

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