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Property Managment


Management Agreement

Woman vector holding keys to a house property she's managing

Window Property Group will run the rental property’s daily operations. Therefore, the contract aims to define what services are the responsibility of the property manager and what tasks remain with the owner. Management agreement includes management liability, contract term, and termination clause.


We ensure that the terms are in favor of our clients and we assure profitability for their investment properties. With the management agreement, we analyze the best options to grow and expand your investment portfolio.

Performing Inspections

Your property's Performing rental property inspections is important because it allows us to verify and maintain the property in good condition throughout the entirety of a tenant's lease.


With this service, we have curated the different types of inspections that varies according to different time periods and thoroughness of the inspection.

Man vector writing on board, performing rental property inspections
Man vector holding property keys after tenancy documentation

Tenancy Documentation

It's important to retain tenant documents for a period of time or to however long the lease agreement is. Proper file management can save you tons of time if ever faced with an audit, legal dispute, or if you simply need to find specific lease terms.


We create a detailed timeline of every interaction since the contract started. There is no substitute for good documentation and accurate record keeping so we got you covered.

Preparing Property for Rent

The value of the property will ultimately affect the amount of rent you can expect to receive. This is why the steps in preparing property for rent are so important.


Getting a property rent-ready means ensuring it’s in the right condition to be listed on the market. If it’s an attractive, well-maintained home that’s priced competitively and being widely advertised, you’re probably going to generate a lot of interest as soon as it’s listed.

Woman vector investing money preparing property for rent
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