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The Smarter Approach to Buying Property!

Find the right property, in the right place at the right time.


You're At The Right Place

We know what it feels like to spend hours looking for property to buy and trying to negotiate with real estate agents who know every trick in the book, this can be exhausting, time-consuming and stressful.

Window Property Group are licensed buyer's agents who are also experienced in the Construction Industry working on multimillion-dollar development projects, we aren't your traditional buyer's agents. We will leverage our network of property professionals to find your dream home or your investment property.


No longer lack the time or expertise to achieve your property goals

Window Property Group | Buyer's Agency uses data science and fundamental research to help you find the best property deals on and off the market. Giving you the freedom to enjoy what truly matters most.

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You'd rather have a professional Buyer's Agent take care of the full process.


So you’ve found your perfect home but you’re not feeling confident to negotiate the price?


If you’re comfortable with the process, but you need someone to bid on your behalf.

Are You?

Missed Opportunities

Too Busy

Tight Deadline

Looking For Property


Our Clients No Longer Struggle With

Finding the right property

Having access to off-market, pre-market, on-market and post-market deals and a vast network of real estate agents we are 110% confident we can find your ideal property.

Making time to travel to inspections

Are you too busy to find your right property? We understand the demands of daily life and work commitments. Give us a call to see how we can help.

Overpaying for


We don't go off what the real estate agent thinks the property is worth, with thorough analysis and recent comparable sales we are able to negotiate the purchase price.

Emotional and impulse buying

We take the emotion out of the purchase process as we are independent buyer's agents working on your behalf to secure your ideal property

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How It Works In 4 Easy Steps

1. First Meeting

Schedule a meeting to see if we are a good fit and can help you. We can't help everyone so we would need to pre-qualify you to see if we can actually work together.

3. Strategy Session

Schedule a strategy session to find your right property. We get into the exact details of what you're after and how we are going to get you what you want within your budget and negotiating the terms to be in your favour.

2. Contract Review

Sign the Buyer’s Agent Engagement form & pay a small commitment fee. This is a serious step to show that you're also committed to getting yourself property and simply not wasting time.

4. Exchange of Contract

We find you the right property and only get paid once you exchange contracts. We pride ourselves on achieving results, we go through all lengths to get you what you want. No property, no payment.

It's All About You

At Window Property Group, we know you want to own your home or develop your property portfolio. To be effective, you need expertise and guidance on your side.

The problem is that the lack of time and expert knowledge makes you stressed and exhausted. We believe that the process should not be a burden to find the right property when you can unload it to the experts who do this day in and day out.

We understand your frustrations trying to get the best property at the right price. That’s why we have made it our business and passion to provide value to unique opportunities to our clients.

We have access to pre-market, on-market, off-market and post-market deals, and look at 40-50 deals a week just to give you some numbers.


Get In Touch...
So we can find the needle in the Haystack for you.


Our Services


You haven't had any luck so far and want someone to take care of the process. This is the right service for you. We’ll do a comprehensive search with your specific brief to help you find the right property ASAP.

We’ll leverage our relationships with local real estate agents to access on-market, off-market, pre-market, and post-market stock.

Once we’ve found the right ones, we’ll dedicate a full-time agent to inspect all properties on your behalf, shortlist properties, and only present the most suitable to you. We’ll be with you every step of the way until settlement and you get your keys.


This is for you if you’re comfortable with the process, but you need someone to bid on your behalf to remove emotion and avoid overpaying.

We’ll do our best to help you find the best property that meets your needs, goals, and your budget.


So you’ve found your perfect home or you’re comfortable with sourcing, but you’re not feeling confident to negotiate the price?

We will appraise your chosen property, engage the agent/vendor on your behalf with a negotiation strategy tailored to the specific situation.

We can get you the best price possible since our agents aren’t only good at negotiation, but they also have a large connection in the industry… because you know, the key to get the best deal isn’t just about how good you are, but also about “who you know”.

Minus the property sourcing, we’ll be with you every step of the way until settlement and you get your keys.


Lewis Evans, Contracts Admin

Honestly in this stressful Covid period looking for the right property was very stressful due to the fact of individual sellers up marking prices to contribute to the already unstable market. Due to my work commitments and not having relatively lots of time on my hands to dissect and look for a potentially positively geared investment property in australia i was referred to window property group by a work colleague and I must say Im very greatful to onis and his team for helping me purchase exactly what I wanted within my budget thanks alot again onis highly recommend


Faizan Ali, Credit Analyst

Onis and the team have helped us secure our first investment property in Feb 2021. With lots of ideas and theories in mind to discuss we truly found our diamond in rough by using the Gem Onis. Onis backs everything up with data and reports to ensure you're getting the facts and staying informed. There was not a single doubt we had about the whole process we were really comfortable and were in great hands. He was able to challenge our mindset and views on the property to secure a fantastic opportunity and help us move a step closer to a better financial future.


Sanjana Maini, Business Manager

Onis and the team are excellent real estate buyer agents they know the suburb where they helped me and my family purchase in intimately, they deliver excellent value for money and offer unbiased advice and recommendations. Onis is also transparent, honest and is always willing to provide his honest opinon and also has challenged me during the purchasing process to ensure that I was always informed. Would highly recommend him and his team to find the right property.

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